How many majors has Walter Hagen won?

Walter Hagen has won 11 majors.

More about Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen from Rochester, New York (December 21, 1892 – October 6, 1969) was one of the most significant golfers in the history of the game.

Working as a caddie, Hagen developed his golf game at the Country Club of Rochester.

Later Hagen was a key figure in the development of professional golf.

Walter was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. In 2000, Hagen was ranked as the seventh greatest golfer of all time by Golf Digest magazine. He also was ranked as the eighth greatest player of all time by Sports Illustrated / Golf Magazine in a major 2010 ranking.

In total Walter Hagen had 57 professional tour wins.

Walter Hagen's Major Championship wins:

  • 1914U.S. Open
  • 1919U.S. Open
  • 1921PGA Championship
  • 1922The Open Championship
  • 1924The Open Championship
  • 1924PGA Championship
  • 1925PGA Championship
  • 1926PGA Championship
  • 1927PGA Championship
  • 1928The Open Championship
  • 1929The Open Championship

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