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Absolutely. We’d love to hear from you. It has to be worthy – we truly care about what we put in front of our community - and if you're up for it we'd welcome your input.

If you’d like to contribute – and we’ll give appropriate acknowledgement - here are some guidelines:

  1. It has to be about something we’ve not previously addressed.
  2. It has to be interesting enough for our readers (our judgement call, no correspondence entered into).
  3. It has to include ‘further reading’ and links. It’s important to us that we help our fellow golfers on the occasions they’d like to learn more.

If we choose to use your question(s) we'll let you know in advance of the publish date. Due to the volume of correspondence received we cannot guarantee a reply in relation to questions not used.


Absolutely. Get in touch. Would You Love To Reach Golfers That Love Golf?

As an advertiser we can ‘match’ you with our audience. You can talk directly to golfers that love their golf. Spread your word to our audience with informative questions about your product, players, and connections. Happy to chat about the possibilities.


Yes, if you’re sure of a mistake please let us know. We work hard to verify our information but, to be honest, we’re not really as brilliant as we’d like and no doubt there will be an error or two along the way.

You can also find an "Email feedback to this question" link at the bottom of each individual question.

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