When was Titleist founded?

Titleist was founded in 1930 by Philip E. Young.

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Philip Young, a dedicated amatur golfer, was the owner of a precision molded rubber company.

When playing around with his friend, a dentist, Young missed a perfectly struck putt in the match. He was convinced that the ball itself was at fault and not his putting stroke.

After the game he asked his friend to X-ray the ball and the result showed that the rubber core was off-center. Young kept sampling more and more golf balls and found that most of them were poorly constructed.

With this knowledge in mind Young persuaded Freed Bommer, a rubber specialist and passionate golfer, to head up the Acushnet Golf Division.

The aim was to develop the highest quality and best performing golf ball of the world.

It took them three years to perfect the Titleist golf ball. But when it came out in 1935 it was introduced to club professionals and amateur golfers as the best ball ever made.

The rest is history! www.titleist.com

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