When did Bob Vokey join Titleist?

Bob Vokey join Titleist in 1996.

More about Bob Vokey

Bob Vokey was born in Canada in 1939. His father was a golfer and precision tool maker. At a young age Bob did not share his father's passion.

After leaving Canada, at the age of 25, he was living near a golf course and started playing competitively. Eventually he developed a passion for tinkering with golf clubs.

In 1976 Bob opened a Custom Golf Shop and also created a name for himself as a personal clubmaster for some of the biggest names in professional golf.

He closed his shop to work for TaylorMade in 1986. In 1996 Bob joined Titleist where his first project was finalising the specifications of the Titleist Titanium 975 driver.

Since then he has been specialising in wedges.

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