What is the best way to watch the Masters?

If you want control over who and what you watch the flexibility offered at www.masters.com is hard to beat.

More about watching the US Masters

Going to the source - Augusta National - and specifically their website, www.masters.com gives you unprecedented options for your golf viewing.

Create your own account and you can select which players to follow, seeing all their shots on all holes. You can also choose to see great shots played during the tournament, the leaders on course, and/or your personal 'Fantasy Players' to track how your selections are performing.

Learn more and sign up at https://www.masters.com/en_US/mygroup/index.html

Our recommendation:

  • have your TV on your favourite channel
  • have your computer logged in to your Masters My Group account,
  • have your phone at the ready to find interesting facts at www.whywelovegolf.com

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