What was the most viewed question on Why We Love Golf in 2021?

The most viewed question on Why We Love Golf in 2021 was: Who was on the USA Ryder Cup team 2021?

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Do you sometimes wonder what other Golf Lovers are curious about? What Golf questions are asked and answered most often inside the world of Why We Love Golf?

Below is a list of the most asked golf questions in Why We Love Golf during the 2021 calendar year. If you compare it to the 2020 list of most often asked golf questions you’ll see some notable repeats.

Top 20 most viewed questions from 2021

  1. Who was on the USA Ryder Cup team 2021?
  2. Where is PGA Professional Rick Shiels from?
  3. How many Majors has Jordan Spieth won?
  4. Who is generally credited with the quote, “If you are caught in a storm and are afraid of lightning hold up a 1 iron. Even God can’t hit a 1 iron.”?
  5. Name the 5 players to have won all four majors; the Career Grand Slam?
  6. What is Bryson DeChambeau's education?
  7. How many Majors has Justin Rose won?
  8. Who was on the European Ryder Cup team 2021?
  9. How many Majors has Jon Rahm won?
  10. How many PGA Tournaments has John Daly won?
  11. What was Alice Cooper’s lowest handicap?
  12. What year did Nike stop making golf clubs?
  13. How many Majors has John Daly won?
  14. Who was on the 2021 South African Olympic golf team?
  15. How Do You Get on the Korn Ferry Tour?
  16. How many Majors has Brooks Koepka won?
  17. How many Majors has Sergio Garcia won?
  18. Who has the best Ryder Cup record?
  19. In his final round of the 2001 British Open Ian Woosnam had 15 clubs in his bag. What was the additional club?
  20. What is Michael Jordan’s handicap?

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