What was the most viewed question on Why We Love Golf in 2020?

The most viewed question on Why We Love Golf in 2022 was: Where is PGA Professional Rick Shiels from?

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Do you sometimes wonder what other Golf Lovers are curious about? What Golf questions are asked and answered most often inside the world of Why We Love Golf?

Below is a list of the most asked golf questions in Why We Love Golf during the 2020 calendar year. If you compare it to the 2021 list of most often asked golf questions you’ll see some notable repeats.

Top 20 most viewed questions from 2020

  1. Where is PGA Professional Rick Shiels from?
  2. Who is generally credited with the quote, “If you are caught in a storm and are afraid of lightning hold up a 1 iron. Even God can’t hit a 1 iron.”?
  3. What is Bryson DeChambeau's education?
  4. How many double greens does the Old Course at St. Andrews have?
  5. How many Majors has Sergio Garcia won?
  6. How many Majors has Fred Couples won?
  7. What was Alice Cooper’s lowest handicap?
  8. How many Majors has Bernhard Langer won?
  9. How many Majors has John Daly won?
  10. In his final round of the 2001 British Open Ian Woosnam had 15 clubs in his bag. What was the additional club?
  11. How many Majors has Bubba Watson won?
  12. Which putter did Tiger Woods use to win 14 of his 15 major titles?
  13. Who invented the first Ping putter and revolutionized how we look at putter design?
  14. How many Majors has Lee Trevino won?
  15. What year did Nike stop making golf clubs?
  16. Where is the Mine Shaft bunker?
  17. How many Majors has Ian Woosnam won?
  18. Who holds the course record at Augusta National?
  19. When and where was VICE Golf founded?
  20. What are the names of the 18 holes at Augusta National Golf Club?

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