Mission Hills Shenzhen is the World’s Largest Golf Resort. How many golf courses are there?

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Mission Hills Shenzhen largest golf resort in the world
Image: https://www.missionhillschina.com/


216 holes


There are 12 eighteen hole courses at Mission Hills Shenzhen.

More about Mission Hills Shenzhen

Founded in 1992 Mission Hills is an exclusive golf resort located in the town of Guanlan in Shenzhen.

Accredited by the Guinness Book of Records, Mission Hills is the largest golf resort in the world.

There are another 10 courses at the Mission Hills group’s Haikou complex on Hainan Island.

Mission Hills Shenzhen has hosted over 100 major international tournaments.

Mission Hills Shenzhen is also the world’s only club featuring designers from five continents.

Mission Hills Shenzhen courses and designers

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