How have LIV golfers performed in the Majors?

While it's too early to be definitive the numbers suggest they've over performed. With 24.8% expectation as a base they have 50% of the wins, 50% of the top 3 positions and 30% of the top 10 positions.

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There would be many ways to answer the question. Our approach was to provide a 'pool' of players that might be a reasonable chance to perform well in a major and review the results of the LIV golfers sub pool in this context. It's not an exact science but does provide indicative data.

Golfers in the 2023 LIV fields: 48

PGA Tour golfers 2023: 125 with permanent cards

Add a further 20 players from the European and other Tours that might be a reasonable chance to perform well in a major.

Note:  As being excluded from World Rankings makes it more difficult for LIV golfers to gain entry into the Majors it would be reasonable in this context to expect lower % performances.

Adding 48+125+20 players we get 193 players to consider within our pool.48 LIV golfers is 24.8% of the pool.

At this early stage these basic maths suggest LIV golfers are performing very well in the Majors.