What was Donald Trump’s handicap when he moved into the White House?

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Donald Trump golf handicap
Golf Digest


When taking office he immediately became the lowest handicap POTUS in history.


Donald Trump’s handicap was 2.8 when he became President.

More about Donald Trump’s golf handicap

  • President Trump has 19 club championships to his name, a number of them Senior Club Championships, but still a significant golfing achievement. 
  • At the time of his election he owned 17 golf courses.
  • If you’d like to know more about Trump as a golfer this Golf Digest article provides excellent insight.
  • Depending on your politics you might find this website chronicling his games of golf while President amusing or annoying - https://trumpgolfcount.com/ 
  • And, maybe for a laugh, you can buy Trump logo golf balls here – there’s quite a range of logos 

According to Jack Nicklaus: "Donald Trump loves the game of golf more than he loves money".

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