What was Donald Trump’s handicap when he moved into the White House?

Donald Trump’s handicap was 2.8 when he became President.

More about Donald Trump’s golf handicap

  • President Trump has 19 club championships to his name, a number of them Senior Club Championships, but still a significant golfing achievement. 
  • At the time of his election he owned 17 golf courses.
  • If you’d like to know more about Trump as a golfer this Golf Digest article provides excellent insight.
  • Depending on your politics you might find this website chronicling his games of golf while President amusing or annoying - https://trumpgolfcount.com/ 
  • And, maybe for a laugh, you can buy Trump logo golf balls here – there’s quite a range of logos 

According to Jack Nicklaus: "Donald Trump loves the game of golf more than he loves money".

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