In what year was “Birdies” the golf movie released?

Birdies was released in February 2022.

More about Birdies the golf movie

Birdies is a new comedy for an old sport. It is the story of a washed up golf phenom who gets a job at a decaying golf community, Twin Pines, where maintaining a buzz is par for the course.

Starring: Ryan O'Flanagan, Nate Panning, Sydney Penny, Zach Hanner, Devin McGee, Gary Smith, Rich Wenz, Timmy Sherrill, Jamie Lane, Reid Doyle, Brandon Luck, Lily Nicole, Caroline Cahill, Michele Seidman, Aerli Austen, Ed Wagenseller, and Matt Warzel.

Written, directed, and edited: by Troy Carlton.

Executive Producers: Brandon Luck, Troy Carlton, and Reid Doyle

Co-Executive Producers: Jarad Hoss, Steve Hamburger, Mary Anne Melia

Producer: Liz Wilson Marion, Samuel W. Reed, Jamie Lane

Co-producer: Kent Chatfield

In Association with: Lighthouse Films, Hampshire Frost Film Co., Crane House Film

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