In April 2022 John Daly and son John II signed a sponsorship deal with which company?

In April 2022 John Daly and son John Daly II signed a sponsorship agreement with Hooters, the global wings and beer restaurant chain.

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Hooters was founded in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida by six businessmen with no restaurant experience. More than three decades later, the Hooters brand has grown into an international sensation, with more than 420 Hooters in 29 countries.

Over the years John Daly has worked with Hooters official and unofficial for more than 2 decades.

“Can’t express how excited I am to be back with my @Hooters family & having my son beside me on the next generation! Couldn’t ask for a better relationship & proud to represent the world wide brand! #Hooters #orangewhite #NIL #FatherSon #Family” John Dlay on twitter.

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