Arnold Palmer’s father was head professional and superintendent at what course?

Milfred (Deke) Palmer was the head professional and superintendent at the Latrobe Country Club.

Deke Palmer started working at Latrobe Country Club in 1921. In 1924 he became the course superintendent. In 1931 he became the pro.

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  • The course was built on farm land and so in the early days Deke embarked on a massive tree planting exercise effectively changing the landscape of the course over time.
  • While he pretty much lived at the course young Arnold was not allowed to use the club’s swimming pool and he could only access the course proper very early or late in the day.
  • Arnie began working as a caddie at Latrobe Country Club at the age of eleven. Later in life he bought the club.
  • You can play at Latrobe Country Club.  Here’s the website for the club.

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