Where is Winged Foot Golf Club?

Winged Foot Golf Club is a private golf club located in Mamaroneck, New York.

More about Winged Foot Golf Club

Winged Foot Golf Club is a private club, founded in 1921, by a group largely made up of members of The New York Athletic Club. The club officially opened in June 1923. Winged Foot's name and logo are taken directly from a sculpture in the lobby floor of the New York Athletic Club in Manhattan.

It has two 18-hole golf courses, The East Course (par 72 that measures 6,750 yards (6,172 m); course rating of 73.9 and a slope of 141) and The West Course (par 72 that measures 7,264 yards (6,642 m); course rating of 75.7 and a slope of 141). A. W. Tillinghast, one of the most prominent golf architects of the day, was hired to build the courses.

In its 2009-10 listing of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses, Golf Digest' ranked the West Course 8th and the East Course 65th.

Both courses at Winged Foot have hosted major championship tournaments over the years.

Interesting fact: Ogilvy's 2006 winning score of five-over-par and Irwin's seven-over in 1974 represent two of the highest major championship 72-hole scores in the modern era of golf.

Major championships held at Winged Foot

  • 2020 U.S. Open (West Course)
  • 2006 U.S. Open (West Course)
  • 2004 U.S. Amateur (West and East Courses)
  • 1997 PGA Championship (West Course)
  • 1984 U.S. Open (West Course)
  • 1980 U.S. Senior Open (Eest Course)
  • 1974 U.S. Open (West Course)
  • 1972 U.S. Women's Open (Eest Course)
  • 1959 U.S. Open (West Course)
  • 1957 U.S. Women's Open (Eest Course)
  • 1940 U.S. Amateur (West Course)
  • 1929 U.S. Open (West Course)

Winged Foot Golf Club

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