What is Tiger Woods’ net worth?

According to our research in 2023 Tiger Woods was estimated to have a net worth of $1.1 billion.

More about Tiger Woods' net worth

Tiger Woods has won 15 major championships and 82 PGA Tour titles. His official tournament pay-outs are around $121 million.

He has also won almost $40 million in unofficial pay-outs from the PGA Tour and golf in America. This means a total of $160 million not including the European tour.

Tiger Woods has also won around Euro 45 million on the European Tour.

According to Forbes, Tiger Woods and Nike have an eight-year contract that is worth between $20 and $40 million per year.

Tiger Woods has invested his money in the golf course designing company, TGR Design, and in a golf league company TMRW Sports with partner Rory McIlroy.

From 1999 to 2013 Tiger Woods PGA Tour was the top video golf game on the market.

He was a columnist for Golf Digest magazine.

He also wrote two books: "How I Play Golf" which was published in 2001 and his memoir "The 1997 Masters: My Story" which was released in March 2017.

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