What is the TOUR Championship?

The TOUR Championship is the grand finale of the FedExCup Playoffs.

More about the Tour Championship

The top 30 players in the FedExCup standings following the BMW Championship will advance to the TOUR Championship.

The final leaderboard will represent the final FedExCup standings for the top 30 players.

The FedExCup leaders will begin the event with a head start on the competition.

The player with the most FedEx Cup points leading into the tournament starts at 10 under par.

The player with the second most points starts at −8, the third at −7, and so on down to the fifth at −5. Players ranked 6 through 10 begin at −4; 11 through 15 at −3; and so on, down to numbers 26 to 30 who will start at even par.

The player who finishes the four rounds with the lowest score in relation to par will win the FedExCup.

Patrick Cantlay earned $15 million in prize money with his win at the 2021 Tour Championship.