How many Majors has Payne Stewart won?

Payne Stewart won 3 major championships.

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Payne Stewart was born January 30 1957 in Springfield, Missouri. He died in 1999 aged 42 due to a tragic plane incident where the cabin failed to pressurize causing all on board to die from hypoxia. The plane continued to fly on autopilot crashing in South Dakota once it ran out of fuel.

Stewart’s first major win was the 1989 USPGA Championship in Illinois. He was 6 shots behind Mike Reid in the final round. Stewart made up 5 shots in the final three holes to win by one stroke.

Stewart’s second major was the 1991 US Open held in Minnesota after a playoff with Scott Simpson. Stewart won the 18 hole playoff by by two strokes.

Payne Stewart’s final major win was the 1999 US Open in North Carolina. Stewart won defeating Phil Mickelson by one stroke by holing a 15 foot par. Stewart credited inner peace for the win. Four months after this victory Stewart would be dead.

Payne Stewart’s Major Wins

  • PGA Championship:1989
  • US Open:1991 and 1999

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