Why do we love golf?

There are a lot of reasons why we love golf including: it contributes to our overall fitness, the physical skill required, the mental challenge, it is being played in a relaxing environment, there is a lot of social interaction with fellow golfers, it’s tradition and history, we can actually compare ourselves to professionals, watching professionals and their incredible shots, our own moments of excellence, the variety of courses, the global appeal and much more.

More about why we love golf

Golf is thought to have originated in Scotland during the late Middle Ages. The exact origins of golf are subject to debate.

Golf is played in almost every country of the world. There are roughly 39,000 Golf Courses in the world.

There are around 66.5 million golfers in the world.

Ultimately, the love for golf is very personal and will depend on a combination of these factors. Each golfer will have their own unique reasons for embracing the sport and finding joy in it.

It's all about the spirit of the game.

So enjoy your golf and play well.