Who golfed on the Moon?

Alan Shepard played golf on the Moon.

Alan Shepard Astronaut

Apollo 14 commander Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. (November 18, 1923 -- July 21, 1998) hit two golf balls on the surface of the Moon on Feb. 6, 1971. Shepard talked to the United States Golf Association (USGA) about those famous shots.

He was an American naval aviator, test pilot, flag officer, NASA astronaut, and businessman, who in 1961 became the second person, and the first American, to travel into space.

Ten years later he commanded the Apollo 14 mission, piloting the lander to the most accurate landing of the Apollo missions. He became the fifth person to walk on the Moon, and the only astronaut of the Mercury Seven to walk on the Moon. During the mission, he hit two golf balls on the lunar surface.