When and where was GolfrCo founded?

GolfrCo was founded in June 2020 in Sydney, NSW.

More about GolfrCo

GolfrCo was founded to provide customers with sophisticated and simple golf apparel at competitive prices. The Golfr logo was created to emphasise the simpleness of a golfers follow through and provides a point of difference on their apparel.

Golfr wants to be with you for every emotion golf brings. From hitting a pure driver off the tee to making a 4-foot left to right slider on the greens, Golfr wants to be a part of your golfing experience.

The Golfr brand wants to encapsulate what golf means to every individual playing this great game. It wants to show that each one of us is capable of pulling off the extraordinary on any given day on the golf course and we want to be there for that emotional ride.