What is the PIP, or Player Impact Program, for the PGA?

In 2021 the PGA introduced the PIP to recognize (and reward financially) players on their tour that have a positive impact, not just through their play but also other factors including popularity and social media engagement.

More about the PIP, or Player Impact Program, for the PGA.

The PIP is an effort by the PGA Tour to keep its top players engaged and committed to playing on the tour, as well as to generate more interest and excitement around the sport.

The program is based on a number of metrics, including a player's Q Rating, which measures their popularity with fans, and their M Score, which measures their digital and social media presence.

The PIP has been met with some controversy, with some players questioning the criteria used to determine the bonus payouts and whether the program is fair to all players on the tour. However, the PGA Tour has defended the PIP as a way to reward the tour's most valuable assets and to help grow the game of golf.

In the first year, 2021, Tiger Woods picked up $15M after winning the PIP. In 2022 the program went from 10 players to 20 and from $40M in 'prizemoney' to $100M.