What is swing weight and why does it matter?

Swing weight refers to the amount of weight in the bottom two thirds of a golf club compared to the top third. It matters because it reflects the feel of a golf club to the player, more so than a club's total weight. This is important to match all the clubs within your set.

More about swing weight

Swing weight is measured using a balance scale that was patented by clubmaker Robert Adams in 1934. The scale goes from A0-G9 with the greater the letter and number, the heavier the swing weight. An average men’s golf club would have a swing weight of D2 whilst a ladies club would be C6.

It can be influenced by:

  1. The weight of the clubhead (2 grams will change the swingweight by 1)
  2. The weight of the grip (5 grams to have the same effect)
  3. The weight of the shaft
  4. The length of the club (altering the length by half an inch will change the swing weight by 3).

What is your ideal swing weight? The answer lies in experimentation.