In golf, what is a Scramble?

Scramble is a team format in golf we each player hits from the tee and the team decides which ball to take for them all to play their next shot. There are variations on the theme but essentially after each shot three of the players pick up their ball and move to play their next shot from the best position. This continues until they hole out.

More about the Scramble format in Golf

Scramble golf is a common structure in corporate and charity events where some team members are not regular golfers. It allows them to participate and contribute with a good chip or a putt and typically generates a good sense of camaraderie between team members which is not usual in the solitary game of golf.

Common variations on the theme are:

  • each players tee shot must be taken at least X number of times (normally three)
  • the player whose ball is being taken after eachshot is not able to participate in the next shot.