Who, after playing an exhibition game with her in 1930, did Bobby Jones declare possibly the best golfer ever, man or woman?

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Bobby Jones and Joyce Wethered


A woman golfer, but not Babe Zaharias.


Joyce Wethered.

More about Bobby Jones declaring possibly the best golfer ever

  • The Exhibition Match was played over the Old Course at St, Andrews. Joyce played off the men’s back markers alongside Bobby Jones and shot 75.
  • Jones then made the statement, “I have not played golf with anyone, man or woman, amateur or professional who made me feel so utterly outclassed.
  • Joyce was influential in getting the Curtis Cup started and was the playing captain of the Great Britain and Ireland team in the first year the event was played, 1932.
  • She was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1975. This is the Hall of Fame entry for Joyce Wethered.
  • This video gives us a look at the swing Bobby Jones so complimented. It’s a bit grainy due to the era but we can see the components of a great swing such as drive of her lower body, the full arc and follow through, and the relative stillness of the head.

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