Who was Mike Souchak's most memorable playing partner?

Hans Hess, a colorful, kind, and energetic Austrian that was an employee at Innisbrook Golf Resort while Mike Souchak was the resident pro.

More about Mike Souchak's most memorable golfing partner.

Through an unfortunate home handyman accident Hans Hess lost three fingers on his left hand.

During this time Mike Souchak and his assistant pro, Tom Cosmos, regularly played Saturday mornings with Innisbrook founder, Harvey Jones. Jones and Cosmos would team up against 'Souch' in an alternate shot format - with one important caveat.  Jones and Cozzie negotiated the rules such that they got to choose Souch's partner every week.

One Saturday morning Jones and Cosmos turned up with Hans Hess, his 2 digit left hand duct taped to a 6 iron.

As told by Harvey's son, Sam Jones, Sam will never forget the look on Souch's face. 'Dad' and Cozzie could barely get off the ground from laughing so hard. Sam doesn't remember who won that match but says it really doesn't matter. 'Hansie was thrilled and Souch had his most memorable playing partner ever!

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