Where did Gene Sarazen get the inspiration for the modern sand wedge?

According to Sarazen’s daughter, when the plane took off Sarazen noted the flaps on the wings come down and he envisaged a flange he could add to a club to help it slide through the sand.

More about Gene Sarazen and the modern sand wedge

  • Howard Hughes himself was a scratch golfer and he and Sarazen were apparently good friends.
  • Before Sarazen's invention there were a number of "spoon" clubs with varying degrees of loft being used in sand traps - many of these clubs did not conform with USGA or R&A.
  • After Sarazen designed the new club he sent the prototype to Wilson where the first mass produced sand wedges were manufactured.
  • This is the golf.com article re-telling the interview with Mary Ann Sarazen.