What is the difference between a forged clubhead and a clubhead that is cast?

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It’s all about the manufacturing process – one is much more labour intensive than the other.


Forged irons are shaped from a solid piece of steel. For cast irons a mould is made of the shape of the head and molten metal is poured in to the cast.

More about the difference between a forged clubhead and a clubhead that is cast

  • When forging a clubhead the solid piece of metal is hammered or pressed into shape using several tons of pressure. 
  • A forged iron may need the above process repeated several times before being ready as opposed to a cast iron which is ready for assembly once it comes out of the mould.
  • Further, a forged head requires grinding and buffing before it can be shafted.
  • This explains the more labor intensive approach for forged irons and helps explain the difference in pricing.
  • For most of us there is little difference in the utility of the end product but the greater flexibility possible with forged irons does mean they become more important in circumstances such as a markedly upright or flat lie angle.
  • This is an excellent article explaining both forged iron and cast iron manufacturing processes in some detail.
  • The video below gives us sneak peak at the forged iron manufacturing process at Mizuno.