Why is Bryson DeChambeau known as The Mad Scientist of Golf?

He is known as ‘Mad Scientist’ due to his unique approach to the game.

More about Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau was born in Modesto, California. He attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas and studied physics.

He is known to thoroughly test his golf balls. He puts them in a bowl of Epson Salts to balance each one. He spins the ball and the out-of-balance one will wobble to where the low point or heavy side of the ball is due to the centre of gravity not being in the exact centre. He then also puts 60 milligrams of lead tape on the ball to see if it flips back over. If the ball is more than 60mgs out of balance then he won’t play it. Supposedly four out of every dozen are taken out.

All of his irons and wedges are 37.5 inches long, the same as a 7 iron. They also all have the same lie and bounce angles. This is to help him with his one plane swing.

He uses JumboMax golf grips on his clubs which are the largest on the market. They are meant to help him hold the club in his palms.