Who are the best left handed golfers?

According on a 2014 Bletcher Report article the best left handed golfers are: Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Mike Weir, Bob Charles, Steve Flesch, Russ Cochran, Eric Axley ,Ted Potter Jr., Sam Adams and Nick O’Hern

More about the best left handed golfers

It's estimated that 1 out of 30 golfers is left handed but so far they seem to be under represented in overall professional golf wins.

Phil Mickelson leads by miles holding 45 USPGA Tour Wins including 6 Majors.

Bubba Watson currently holds 12 USPGA tour wins including 2 Majors.

Mike Weir holds 8 USPGA tour wins, 1 being a Major.

Bob Charles holds 4 USPGA tour wins, also with 1 Major.

Brian Harman has won 1 Major.

Steve Flesch holds 4 USPGA tour wins.

Russ Cochran holds 1 USPGA tour win.

Eric Axley holds 1 USPGA tour win.

Ted Potter Jr. holds 1 USPGA tour win.

Sam Adams holds 1 USPGA tour win.

Nick O’Hern has not won on the USPGA tour but does have 5 international professional wins.

Other left handers that have won on the PGA Tour are Ernie Gonzalez, Greg Chalmers, Cody Gribble, Garrick Higgo, Robert MacIntyre, Scott Langley, and Tim Wilkinson.

Name the left-handed Major winners

Who was the first lefty (left-handed) golfer to win a major?